Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure Sept 27 3:30pm

The 3.30pm Sunday Sept 27th Adventure trip on the Ocean Magic 2 vessel, took us over to the west side of San Juan Island once again to meet up with L Pod members that were traveling south past Lime Kilm Park. It was a sunny afternoon with calm water all around. We found two large males and a mother, L 86 with her little calf, L 112. Another member of L pod that were seen , was L 105, 'Fluke ', a five year old. The research team from the University of Washington, were out in their boat this afternoon with their dog 'Tucker 'doing his job of sniffing for whale scat floating on the water. What a charmer he is and what a great job he does. All for the benefit of these endangered Southern Resident fish eating Orca. Our Naturalists on board , Derek, Scott and Marnie shared their knowledge of marine life in these waters with our guests. It was a magical afternoon trip once again with 'Prince of Whales'.
Marie, Orca-Magic, Clint "Orcawizard"

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure Sept 27 12:15pm

Our experienced Capt. Shaun took the Ocean Magic 2 vessel out past the breakwater and south a couple of kms off Albert Head to encounter 2 , then four Humpback Whales that were busy foraging and doing acrobatic manoeuvres. It was awesome to watch these huge whales catapult out of the water, hurling 40 plus tons of animal out of the water and returning with a mighty splash. Our guests on board were anxious to see 'Orca' so our Capt and crew headed the Ocean Magic over toward Eagle Point, San Juan Island where some members of L pod were seen . L 72, 'Racer ' was clearly identified. A member of K Pod ,K 21 ,'Cappuccino ' was identified as he swam amid several females of L Pod. He then swam off into the distance to be framed by Mt.Baker in the background. It was a great encounter once again, with the fantastic marine life found here in these productive waters.
Marie Orca-Magic, Clint "Orcawizard"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ocean Magic Wildlife Advenutre Sept 26 3:30pm

Our adventure on the 3:30 Ocean Magic was a treat. Capt. Shaun took us around the Southern tip of Vancouver Island and caught up with Transient KIller Whales. These Orca were working there way along the coastline and seemed in a hurry, porpoising out of the water for air as the made their way along. Just a thrill to see the power as they push through the rough water with spray flying. We followed them along as they made their way towards Race Rocks. Our passengers enjoyed this great viewing of the mammal eating Orca. Our trip then took us through Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. Here the Steller Sea Lions and California Sea Lions sat high on the rocks, basking in the sunshine. As we left Race Rocks we went by the largest group of Sea Gulls I have ever seen. There were thousands of them, all working a huge bait ball. Capt. Shaun then headed East and found two Humpback Whales. These great whales put on a show, showing tail on their deep dives. The wildlife viewing was spectacular yet again with Prince of Whales!
Clint "Orcawizard", Marie "Orca-Magic"

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure Sept 26 12:15pm

This September has been amazing, wonderful weather and plenty of wildlife. This trip was to be no exception. Capt. Shaun "Saltchuck" slipped the Ocean Magic from Victoria's inner harbour and set the ship South West to a report of Transient Orca. We worked the water along with our other Zodiac on the water. It wasn't long before our radio crackled with Myles "Mountain Man" skipper of the Zodiac had spotted these majestic Orca. These Transient Orca are the mammal eaters. Their favorite prey are Harbour Seals, Sea Lions and Harbour Porpoise. We watched as they made their way west to Rocky Point, the southern tip of Vancouver Island. Our trip then took us through Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. Here we observed Steller Sea Lions, California Sea Lions and Harbour Seals. Captain Shaun then took us East and found two Humpback Whales. We all enjoyed viewing these gentle giants as they worked the water. Yet another super wildlife adventure with Prince of Whales!
Clint "Orcawizard"