Sunday, December 07, 2008

Zodiac Adventure Dec 4

Wow, what a great Zodiac trip was had my our international visitors today. We had picture perfect conditions out on the water. With blue sky and sunshine, we made our way out of the harbour and turned east to travel across Haro Strait toward the San Juan Island. We had heard earlier the calls of the Southern Resident Orca on the Lime Kiln hydrophone. The scenery along the way was spectacular. The clear cold air created the best conditions to see the snow capped Olympic mountains. Mt Baker was particularly impressive. We searched at this location for the Orca but came up empty. A few Dall's Porpoises were observed off shore. Having travelled almost to Iceberg Point wih no success we then headed south and west toward Constance Bank. Off in the distance at Border Bank we could see a large 'blow' . It turned out to be J1 'Ruffles 'the largest and oldest male of J Pod. He was foraging by himself. Several other males from J and possibly L pod were also seen. Family members were heading in from the south west but spread widely across the Striat. One was actively chasing salmon. As the sun began to descend toward the horizon we headed back into Victoria with big smiles on our faces. It was pure magic to be with the Orca once again. Photod by Marie "Orca-Magic"