Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Photos by Marie O'Shaughnessy

Photos from Nov 20 & 21

With mighty 'Mallard' at the helm of the Zodiac we headed west on the1pm sailing. In the brisk weather we were bundled up well and our search led us to the illusive humpback whale, affectionately called 'Cleaver'. It just happens to have split dorsal fin, perhaps from a boat/ship encounter in the past. It surprised us by breaching a couple of times when we came upon it, both of which I missed from a photographers point of view. The cold weather had other marine mammals and birds actively looking for food. An actobatic sea lion at Race Rocks entertained us with summer saults while Bald Eagles hunted along the shore line. It was another cold but magical day out on the water.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nov 13 by Marie O'Shaughnessy

Between the November storms, we headed out to the west in hopes of finding a few orca. Not to be, however with Gordon at the helm of the Zodiac we managed to negotiate the tricky waters of Race Rocks where we found the big boys hanging out at Race Rocks. Many appeared to be taking afternoon showers from the mighty swells that lashed the rocks from the storm the day before. As we headed back to Victoria we came across the illusive Humpback whale that spends more time below the water than above. It has been around for several weeks now finding plenty of food in the cold waters off the harbour.

Thanks Marie for the lovely updates!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Special dedication of Images to a special person

IMG_9826 July 28 2007 1215 trip
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Special guest on the Ocean Magic today was Amanda Janzen. Captains Shamus and Anna sailed us into the sunlit Strait of Juan De Fuca. Mother Nature provided us with Porpoise, Sealions and a variety of sea birds. I have assembled a collection of my finest photos of year in tribute to her bravery.

See "Amanda's Photo Album"

She is a brave woman and her smiles made everyone warm on a cold November day.

Written by guest Clint Rivers

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Photos by Marie O'Shaughnessy Oct 31

Here are a few more from today.

Two of the three humpback whales seen today were very curious about the Ocean Magic and came very close. It was an exciting commune while they swam around us. Then we has two Dall's porpoises ride the bow wave on our return to Victoria. No Orcas today.

Thank you Marie for these wonderful captures