Saturday, June 28, 2008

Outward bound!
Homeward bound!

A fantastic encounter with the Tall Ships out of the harbour last evening in the late evening sun. All the passengers on the Ocean Magic had a fabulous time. Perfect conditions to watch the war games!

It was a fantastic trip in fair weather once again on the Ocean Magic. With Shamus in the wheel house and a knowledgable and enthusiastic crew on board, the passengers were in for a real treat. With calm seas all around we headed over to San Juan Island where we found three members of L Pod foraging. Two adult males and a female. We were also thrilled to see a Minke whale surprise us as it surfaced close to the boat. Another wonderful trip on the west coast to see marine life!

This is Max, one of our skippers giving a lesson on the beauty of bull kelp!


Great News! Pender, our biggest transient killer whales has been spotted! Pender is a fully grown killer whale, who measures about 31 feet long! Book now for a shot at seeing him!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Prince of Whales & Tall Ships

These photos are of the Tall Ships festival which is taking place right now in Victoria! Photos by Brian Glennon aka Beemer

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Whales! Today our passengers were lucky enough to witness a Super Pod, a rare event that occurs when all three of our resident Orca pods come together for socializing! With the combination of a view of up to 90 whales and beautiful weather it was a great day out on the water. Our hopes are high for tomorrow, and seats are selling fast! So call us or drop by our office on 812 Wharf street to make your reservation!

Tomorrow's Departures

From Victoria:
Zodiac style 3 hour trips departing every hour starting at 9:00 am
Ocean Magic II - 3 hour whale watching trips departing at 12:15 pm and 3:30pm

From Vancouver:8:00 am Whales and Gardens - ultimate "circle tour day trip"

From Butchart Gardens: Ocean Magic departs for Vancouver at 5:00 pm and arrives at Vancouver's Sea Bus Terminal (the finale of the Whales and Gardens "circle tour day trip")

Make sure to book now, Seats are going fast! Reservations Call (250) 383-4884 or Toll Free at 1(888) 383-4884.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Such a lovely Saturday, sunshine, calm seas and L-pod off San Juan Island. Capt's Shamus and Brad had the Oean Magic in great position to watch L pod swim past on such a great day. Passengers enjoyed seveal breaches and also got to see L-41 Mega. An amazing day on the water!
L-41 Mega
Magic on calm seas

Member of L pod surfacing

The passengers on the Ocean Magic not only got great looks at L Pod as they swam by San Juan Island but an unexpected Minke Whale surfaced repeatedly to the delight of us all. With calm seas and abundant sunshine we were blessed with another glorious day on the west coast.

It was indeed an exciting ride at 9am with Skipper Mark in the Zodiac. With blue skies and sunshine it made for a perfect day for viewing whales. We found Jpod spread out, diving deep, disappearing off shore and then sometimes close into shore at Lime Kiln State Park, San Juan. On our return to Victoria we meandered through Chain Islets, to view basking seals and birdlife. Another delightful and interesting trip to view west coast marine life.

Harbour Seals at the Chain Islets
Dorsal Fin and Saddle Patch

Our passengers on the Queen of Hearts

Calm Waters and Orange Toques

Thursday, June 19, 2008

It is always exciting to catch up to J pod. More so, under blue west coast skies. We found several members, the sprouter males foraging close to Bedwell harbour, Pender Island. J19 and her calf were close inshore, along with other members of J Pod. Another wonderful Zodiac trip in 'The Queen of Hearts'.
J 19 and J 41
Ocean Magic

Some lucky yachters get to see a member of J Pod
A young male Killer Whale is called a 'Sprouter' because of his slightly floppy dorsal fin.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We headed out of the harbour, under grey skies with Capt. Kurt at the helm. Expectations were high that we would find orca and we were not disappointed. Way out west we found those magical creatures foraging near Sheringham Lighthouse. Several members of L Pod were visible and they had their young ones with them. We left them foraging and headed back to Victoria under partial blue skies. Another awesome trip!!

Orcas playing!

We had J-pod traveling from San Juan Island to Hein Bank. Once at Hein Bank they spread out and began looking for Salmon. They then began to become very active, working the surface alot chasing fish. We then got the best treat of all as several Orca breached. An awesome display. The trip was specatcular.

It was a great encounter with J pod once again out on the water off Hein Bank, Haro Strait. The Orca delighted those on board the Ocean Magic with their enthusiastic breaches, albeit off in the distance. Although they were spread out in family groups we managed to see several members of J Pod swim by.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Super trip on a sunny but windy Saturday. With Capt's Shamus and Brad on board our adventure took us across Haro strait to San Juan Island. There we found J-Pod moving close to shore. They gave some great memories as we watched them swimming past. We saw J1 Ruffles the oldest male member of J-pod and Granny (J2). Such a wonderful trip.

A female enjoying a bit of sun
A small group of Killer Whales

Little one spyhop

Tall Ship on a perfect day

Tail Slap

Ruffles J1

Thursday, June 05, 2008

It was one of those wild, west coast days on the water, where a game of hide and seek seemed to prevail. The Ocean Magic took us on an exciting trip to find thoseillusive Orca. And magically there they were, tucked in among those picturesque islands of the San Juans. K 40, Raggedy, affectionately named due to her ragged dorsal fin, headed past us to catch up with other orca that were on a mission. Another satisfying trip to see those magical orca.

Mark taking photos


K-40 Raggedy!

With Captain Kurt in the wheele house of the Ocean Magic, we were bound to find Orca. It wasn't too long before we did find J Pod. They were travelling in small groups south bound past San Juan. We did see J19 and her calf J 41. One whale was rather excited and breached a number of times in succession. The weather remained mostly sunny despite the high cloud and wind.

Orca Breaching!