Friday, July 23, 2010

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure July 22 3:30pm

Those clear skies and warm temperatures continue here on the west coast of BC. Our experienced Capt. Anna took the 3.30pm Ocean Magic 2 vessel out of the harbour and turned east toward San Juan Island where members of L Pod, were reported. We were able to identify L 5, 'Tanya.', a female, L 84 , a male, and the family group of L 54. These Orca prefer Chinook Salmon and were busy chasing after fish when we caught up with them. A youngster delighted us with breaches, spyhops and tail lobs. Our expert crew of Biologist, Mika, and Naturalists Liz and Danielle shared their knowledge of all things wild in these waters with our international guests. Although the water was very choppy at the time with some wind present, we still had great looks at these wonderful creatures in the white caps, including a close pass by the boat of a female. Smiles were big as guests departed from the Ocean Magic once back in the harbour.
Marie, Orca-Magic.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure July 17 4:30pm

Capt Gord and his crew of naturalists, Scott, Rhonda and Liz headed the Ocean Magic 2 out of the harbour and turned west toward Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. It was here that we saw Harbour and Elephant Seals longing on rocks. Under sunny skies this Saturday afternoon trip was on a mission to follow up a report of 'ORCA' coming in from the west. The keen eyes of guests and crew searched for the tell tail signs of ' misty blows' and tall dorsal fins breaking the surface of the water. We were however, unable to find those illusive creatures, L Pod. It wasn't until we headed for San Juan Island that members of J Pod were seen foraging in the late afternoon light. It was truly magical to find J 27, 'Blackberry 'a large male Orca, taking slow dives and creating misty ' blows ' with other members of his family. We headed back to Victoria with very happy guests on board. Another great adventure on these west coast waters.
Marie, Orca-Magic, and Clint, Orcawizard.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure July 11 9am

The early 9 am sail of the Ocean Magic traveled east past Trail island and across Haro Strait toward San Juan Island. It was in the Strait that we suddenly found 'Orca'. Members of J pod were bucking the tide, the wind, waves and the approaching fog bank that was quickly moving up Haro Strait. Capt Scott , with Naturalists Casey,and Danielle on board took us through the fog where we were able to see the J 2's , which included J2 , J 1 , J 30 , J 19 and J 41. The whales while traveling, delighted us with exuberant behaviours that included spyhops, breaches and tail lobs. At times the misty environment shrouded them in fog creating a surreal effect. Our return trip took in some sights of Harbour Seals at Trail Island and the familiar Gray Whale in the Oak Bay area, was relocated. It was seen lifting its head above the surface, spooking a number of gulls hovering over a bait-ball. It was another exciting wildlife trip on west coast waters and our guests had a great time.
Marie, Orca-Magic

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure July 11th 3:30pm

Another gorgeous day on the water whale watching with Captain Scott, First Mate Casey and naturalists Rhonda and Danielle. We headed up towards Boundary Pass to see members of the southern residents which today had a mixture of J, K and L pods. With the late afternoon sun and plenty of whales it was a great day to be on the water. A variety of activity was on display as we saw some breaches, tail flukes, tail slapping, spy hopping and general overall playfulness from the groups. Captain Scott just had to let us float around while the whales put on a show. With action from what seemed like every direction the only problem we had was deciding on where to look at these magnificent animals. It's hard to describe but every time you see these whales its like time stands still and you are absorbed in the moment. On the way back the lucky passengers were also able to catch a glimpse of a couple of porpoises.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure July 10 3:30pm

With lovely sunny weather, and stunning west-coast scenery all around, a trip on the water to find the amazing wildlife this area has to offer is just the thing! British Columbia is experiencing the warm, hazy days of summer and there is no place better than being on the water.The Ocean Magic 2 set sail for San Juan Island at 3.30pm Saturday afternoon, with Capt Scott at the helm. We headed east across Haro Strait and north to catch up with the reported Orca that were heading south past Kellett Bluff. These were members of both J Pod, and K Pod. K 40, K21 and J 26, were easily identified. Many others close to shore, showed active behaviours that included, spyhops, breaches, cartwheels and tail slaps.The Tall ships, Pacific Swift and Pacific Grace were enjoying the Orca spectacle with us. Our expert crew, Michaela, Casey and Liz shared their knowledge of all things wild. It was another stunning adventure under blue skies and a chance encounter with the Gray Whale on our way back to the harbour.
Marie, Orca-Magic

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure July 10 12:15

The Ocean Magic 2 left the harbour at 12.15pm Saturday under sunny skies and choppy seas. Capt Scott was in the wheele house and Casey, Michaela, and Liz were our expert crew for this wildlife adventure. We headed east to Oak Bay where we encountered the Gray Whale, a Baleen whale that feeds primarily on bottom dwelling, small crustaceans found in the mud. This animal has been seen for 2 weeks in this vicinity. It was busy foraging as usual and thrilled the guests on board with a close pass. Once near the brink of extinction, they are now protected. One could see all the orange, yellow and white patches of crusted barnacles covering its head. Following this encounter we traveled further east toward San Juan Island where we met up with members of the Southern Resident community of Orca, the fish eaters. Because the waters were very textured it was hard to identify many of the whales that swam by. It appeared that members of J Pod were traveling with some of L Pod whales. With plenty of wind in our hair we returned to Victoria. This was another exciting trip with ' Prince of Whales '
Marie, Orca-Magic.