Sunday, March 28, 2010

Zodiac Wildlife Adventure March 26

There is nothing more exciting than heading out of the Victoria Harbour in a yellow Zodiac and surrendering to the blustery March wind, a few big waves, a face dashed with ocean spray and a whole lot of sunshine above. That is exactly what the 12 noon Prince of Whales, Zodiac experienced this exhilarating, Spring day. We headed west in lumpy water in search of WHALES. Our experienced Skipper Mark and first mate Mika , took us along the rugged coast of Vancouver Island where we saw a nesting Bald Eagle, then on to Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, where the Lighthouse celebrates 150 years of service in 2010. It was here we saw a number of Steller Sea Lions cruising the waters. A phone tip gave us heads-up of a group of Killer Whales off Albert Head. We watched these magnificent mammal eating, apex hunters, Transient Orca. They were milling around their kill which was well below the surface. The many gull ,clean-up crew, flew in to snatch up the crumbs while we watched the T49's, females and their young, and a large bull, T103 forage below. They were taking long dives and zig-zagging all around. Our International and Canadian guests thoroughly enjoyed their Spring Wildlife Adventure this brisk, March day.
Marie, Orca-Magic

Monday, March 08, 2010

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure March 4

It is great to ' Be a Tourist in your own Home Town '. That is exactly what is happening for Victorians and any holiday visitors this week. Those that wish to experience some of the incredible wildlife these rich waters of the west coast have to offer, only have to hop on the big, Prince of Whales 'Ocean Magic' vessel. Thursday's trip at 1pm, with Capt Shaun at the wheel, took our many international visitors as well as some locals, out west to enjoy the incredible scenery found in this area. Naturalists on board, Tyler and Scott shared a wealth of information with our guests. Even the weather co-operated. Although 'killer whales' are great to see on any trip, they remained illusive today. We did however see Bald Eagles that are paired up for a new breeding season. They will be on eggs very soon at their specific nests along the waterfront. Harbour seals and a few Steller Sea lions could be seen at the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve, where the Lighthouse this year, celebrates 150 yrs of operation. It has kept marine traffic safe since Boxing Day 1860. It was another great winter, wildlife adventure.
Marie, Orca-Magic