Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sept 25 - Transients by Marie O'Shaughnessy

We had an exciting time with 12 Transients around . They seemed to be quite a group. Spotted a tiny baby among the females. They were so vocal on the hydrophones. It was amazing. No residents around, hence so many transients hanging out not far from RR. Also was able to watch a harbour seal eat a fish...a first for me.

Thank you Marie for these stunning contributions!

September 25 Photos

Transient Orca Spyhopping

T44 Transient Orca Male


Humpback dorsal fin

Humpback fluking as it dives


Race Rocks light house ..... lit in 1860

--------------------------------------------------------Sealion and Harbour Seal at Race Rocks

Photos by Derek Sterling

September 24 Photos

Sealions and Harbour Seals at Race Rocks

One of the Humpbacks fluking and showing it's unique tail markings.


Transient Orca T44 (male) with a female

Group of Transient Orca that were traveling with T44


"A wonderful time was had by all"

photos by Derek Sterling

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

September 25, 07
T109 with calf
Photo by Mark Malleson

3:30 Ocean Magic Trip September 23

Minke Whale

Thanks to Clint for sending in these wonderful photos!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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On the 3:30 Ocean Magic voyage we first ventured to Race Rocks where guests got a glimpse and smell of the many pinnipeds (seals, california and stellar sealions) lazying and fighting on the rocks bye the lighthouse. Then we headed east and caught up with members of southern resident killer whales J and L pod milling off the San Juan Island shoreline. They were headed out west in the morning but turned around with the tide and were carried quickly to their feeding grounds of the USA. J1 and others were seen northbound about 3-4 miles into Haro Strait while other members of J and L pod were sighted milling and fishing close to the island. When we arrived a lone female was breaching. She even did a little tail flip dance flicking her flukes to the side. Some Dalls porpoise were seen milling in the area as well. Faith L57 and others moved past Lime Kiln park I am sure making shoreline onlookers very happy. Blackberry J27 past us along with other members of Jpod and did a beautiful spy hop along the shoreline. The lighting was spectacular tonight glistening their skin with sun sparkles non stop :D Another perfect experience on our beautiful west coast and summer has finally arrived !

Monday, September 10, 2007


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Today on the 3:30 Ocean Magic trip, members of Lpod a southern resident family were present, spread out very far all throughout the Haro strait and the San Juan Island shoreline. Most of the animals were traveling, including a very slow moving Mega L41 and then Skana L79 who was seen kelping along the way. Each time before descending he would wave his tail flukes with beautiful draping kelp hanging off. It was hard not to take the personally :D Today passengers were treated to picture perfect weather conditions with elegant wildlife beauty.