Monday, June 29, 2009

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure 3:30 June 27

The late afternoon trip on the 'Ocean Magic' at 3.30pm Saturday, brought spectacular views of one of our Resident Orca pods, J Pod. They were seen grouping up and heading off shore, San Juan Island. The wind had increased as had the waves. Although the sun was out everything was in motion. That didn't deter our guests or the whales. Our experienced crew shared their passion for Orca with those on board. The Orca were bucking a strong flood tide and appeared to enjoy cresting the waves as they headed west, past the Ocean Magic. The two little calves, J 44 and J 45 were seen close to their mothers. Breaching and spyhops behaviours were seen off in the distance. It was a thrilling ride back to the harbour as our Capt. Shaun and crew, were able to rescue two 'downed' Kite-surfers' from the very cold water of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It was an exciting three hour Wildlife Adventure.
Marie "Orca-Magic"

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure 12:15 June 27

With Capt. Shaun in the wheel house of the 12.15pm Ocean Magic Saturday afternoon, we headed east and crossed the smooth waters of Haro Strait till we met up with the Southern Resident Orca, J pod, in US waters. They were seen rounding the south east point of Lopez Island. It was sunshine all the way. The whales were travelling in small family groups close to shore. We observed several active behaviours that included spyhops, breaches, and tail slaps. Our three experienced crew members shared a wealth of knowledge with our enthusiastic guests from all parts of the globe including London England. A Minke whale had been sighted by earlier boats in the area, however it never surfaced during our trip. The Ocean Magic returned to the harbour with very happy and satisfied guests. It was another great trip watching the Magical Orca as they headed north.
Marie "Orca-Magic"

Zodiac Wildlife Adventure 10am June 26

Skipper Mark 'Mallard' took the 10 am Zodiac our past the breakwater and headed east past Trail Island, Discovery Island and then up Haro Strait in calm water. We had heard that some of the Southern resident Orca were travelling southward and fast, along the west side of San Juan Island. We encountered them at Andrew's Bay. Several members of K pod were soon identified, K 21, K 40, K 11. They were really moving and Cappuccino, K 21, a large male Orca, surprised us with a huge breach. These whales were actively foraging for salmon. A few whales of L Pod, L 78, a large male swam past giving us good looks at Orca behaviour. Other wildlife seen on this trip included Bald Eagles, Harbour Seals and rafts of sea birds. With bright sunny days here on the west coast, and plenty of whale sightings, our wildlife adventures can only get better.
Marie "Orca-Magic"

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure 3:30 June 23

The west coast Wild Life Adventures are full of marine life these days. Whales show up almost every day somewhere within range. The Orca, the Southern Residents J , K and L pods have arrived for their summer visit. Sometimes, it is also Transient Orca are out there waiting to be found by the first boat out. Other times, it is an occasional migrating Gray, Humpback, or Minke Whale or even Porpoises plying the productive waters of this area. Our many international guests were treated to a fantastic trip on the 3.30pm 'Ocean Magic' where we encountered members of J pod Orca at Turn Point. There was much excitement on board as we watched Orca 'tail slap', 'breaching' and 'porpoising' behaviours during foraging. The knowledgeable crew shared their passion for the whales with our many guests as we watched them head north. The entire trip was experienced under calm conditions and as we headed back we saw Rhinoceros Auklets flying with bills full of little, silver fish. Another great trip by 'Prince of Whales'
Marie "Orca-Magic"

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure 3:30 June 22

There is always something special to see on a Wildlife Adventure with 'Prince of Whales'.
This area of the west coast has much to offer, from sea bird life, marine mammals, and marine vessel traffic. When there are Orca around it is even more exciting. The 3.30pm Ocean Magic, with Capt Tyler in the wheelhouse, headed toward Haro Strait in order to find Orca that had been reported. Sure enough we found them speeding along the west side of San Juan Island chasing Salmon and heading south. They were very active with some spyhops, breaches and porpoising behaviours. We even saw a salmon fly through the air to escape the sharp teeth of the Southern Resident Orca. We saw several members of J Pod, including J 1 'Ruffles 'and J 2 'Granny '. We also saw two Bald Eagles on a rock , a Caspian Tern at the Harbour entrance along with a few shy Harbour Porpoise in Haro Strait. Our experienced crew shared their love of marine mammals with the guests on board. Another fantastic trip!
Marie "Orca-Magic"

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure 3:30 June 21

Sundays 3.30pm Ocean Magic trip was pure MAGIC. Our Capt. Shaun, followed the path of the moving Orca in perfect conditions. Heading north up Haro Strait the many international guests on board were looking for excitement and whales. We had no idea how special this encounter with these mysterious mammals would be. The whales were moving through Boundary Pass toward East Point, when we arrived. We watched as many whale fins and 'blows' were seen. Large groups, all three pods, J, K and L filed past. This was called a SUPERPOD day and the research vessel was out there among the whales. These fish eating Orca were in a resting formation and moving slowly through flat calm water. This was a magical experience. We saw them all disappear off into the 'Strait of Georgia.' Returning to Victoria our guests were all smiles. What a trip!
Marie "Orca- Magic"