Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure April 25

Looking for 'WHALES' can take us east, west, south and north in these waters. Our guests on board the Sunday afternoon Ocean Magic were in good hands with crew members, Capt. Scott at the helm and Naturalist Derrek. We left the harbour and headed west to view several Elephant Seals, many California and Steller Sea Lions, lounging on rocks at Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. A number of Harbour Seals were also seen at this historical lighthouse. We turned east after a tip came from the office that two Transient Orca had been seen much earlier. We search diligently for these top predators but never found them. Three types of Cormorants, Brandt, Double-crested and Pelagic along with many Rhinoceros Auklets were seen on our travels. A small flock of migrating Brant Geese passed by. Conditions were perfect for spotting some of the interesting bird and wildlife along the BC west coast this afternoon.
Marie, Orca-Magic

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure April 24

Our Wildlife trip this Saturday took us out of the harbour and east toward Haro Strait where we turned north and travelled in search of those much sort after 'ORCA' , that remained illusive today. With Capt. Anna in the wheel house, Biologist Mika and Naturalist Chris on board, we were sure to see something of interest in these productive waters. Our first observation was of Harbour Seals at Trail Island. A flock of breeding plumaged Bonaparte's Gulls were seen on the way to Spieden Island. It was here that Mouflon Sheep were seen grazing on the dryer side of this privately owned island. Our return trip took us past San Juan Island, USA, where we saw the white light-house, called Lime Kilm. This landmark indicates the whale watching state park. We passed Kelp Reef where two Steller Sea Lions lounged on the narrow rim at the base of the marker. We also noticed some Bull Kelp, the fasted growing marine plant in this area. With the right conditions and direction of the stiff winds blowing this afternoon, the intrepid para-surfers were out jumping the wake of our vessel. Although the weather was less than ideal, our guests on board thoroughly enjoyed their travels in these picturesque inland waters.
Marie, Orca-Magic.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure April 18

The Ocean Magic Marine Wildlife Adventure on Sunday was awesome. The sun was shining and the seas calm as we headed south. Captain Tyler was headed to meet up with Capt James "Radar" who had spotted some Transient Orca. Once on scene we found ourselves viewing two groups of Killer Whales. These were the Apex Predator on the worlds oceans, the Mammal eating Killer Whale. We followed off to one side as they made their war south east. Our Naturalist's Mika and Derek filled us with their knowledge of our marine environment and facts about Orca. On our trip back we stopped off at Trial Island and saw some Harbour Seals and many Bald Eagles. Another great Prince of Whales Adventure.
Clint "Orcawizard"

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure April 17

With our intrepid skipper Capt. Tyler "Sideshow" the Ocean Magic slipped from the dock and sailed out of Victoria's picturesque inner harbour into the Strait of Juan De Fuca. Here Capt Tyler took us South to a reported sighting of Transient Killer Whales. Once on scene we took in the sights of two Orca. One large male who was identified as T103 and one female Orca who was unidentified. These apex predators showed off their hunting skills as the female broke way from the male and swan fast and furiously away, only to return. The male went deep and surfaced near the female and the two worked in turn on what they had caught under the water. It was awesome to watch these apex predators do their thing. Our First Mate Derek "D Rock" gave us all the play by play and answered all our questions. We then took a tour of race rocks and took in the sights of harbour seals and elephant seals. Yet another special marine wildlife adventure with Prince of Whales.
Clint "Orcawizard"

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zodiac Wildlife Adventure April 15

Our international guests were given a rare glimpse into the world of the Transient Killer Whale on Zodiac trips today. Skippers James and Myles took the yellow Zodiacs out of the harbour and into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It was a great day to be on the water for the visibility was excellent for spotting marine wildlife. Although the sky was heavy with cloud, it was flat calm on the water. We encountered many Orca, 25 or more socializing together, west and south of Race Rocks Ecological Reserve. They were very active with behaviours of breaching, spy-hopping, porpoising, backward swimming and diving. Transients are the top predators of the ocean, the marine mammal hunters. They are usually seen traveling in small family groups of 2-6 individuals. This number of Transients together was most unusual and a rare treat for all of us. We left then heading toward the east and San Juan Island. A visit to Race Rocks Lighthouse, gave us looks at California and Steller Sea Lions, Harbour and Elephant Seals. It was another wonderful encounter with west coast wildlife.
Marie, Orca-Magic.