Thursday, February 26, 2009

Zodiac Adventure Feb 24

What's a little wind, cloud cover, wave action and cold when there a west coast adventure to be experienced with 'Prince of Whales'. After all, it is winter still, but fairer weather is on its way. Today at 10 am we headed out from the inner Harbour, bundled up in our warm suits with great anticipation. Our seasoned skipper, Radar manned the helm of zodiac, 'The Mystery '. We turned east and headed over to San Juan Island. Instinct soon prevailed after not seeing any wildlife at this destination. Our skipper headed north. We stopped to look at a Bald Eagle and its nest on one of the islands. A tip from the office suggested that the whales had been sighted by an aircraft. They were coming in from Boundary Bay. Sure enough we encountered them, J Pod, at Turn Point. Although they were spread out, several members were seen including J1 ( Ruffles) a 58 yr old male orca from J Pod. J 16 ( Slick) with her little calf J 42( Echo) , born in 2007. J 8, J 33 and J 26 were also identified. We watched them heading south. Our time with these magical creatures was soon over. Our international visitors from London, England, and Saudi Arabia were thrilled with their first west coast adventure. Photo's by Marie "Orca-Magic"