Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure Sept 9 12:15pm

September seems to be a rather unsettled month so far with the weather however, the wildlife out on the water is consistent and abundant. With Gray, Minke, Humpback and Killer Whales seen fairly regularly, this is a great time to seek an adventure on the Ocean Magic vessel or in one of the Prince of Whales Zodiacs. Capt. Anna and her crew, Mika, Branden, and Dan headed the 12.15pm Ocean Magic, Sept.9th, south and east to seek out the fast moving Pacific White-sided Dolphins that had been reported. We were fortunate to find these rarities and delighted in their amazing speed as they followed in our stern wake. These charming and rarely seen dolphins in this area, stayed with us for many minutes. They eventually changed direction and followed a zodiac in the same area. Several Deep -Sea vessels were observed sharing the waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We soon headed over to San Juan island, Washington, where we saw members of L Pod, L 55 and family. A chance sighting of a Gray Whale among the kelp off Discovery island and circling military helicopter, completed our fantastic adventure.
Marie, Orca-Magic.

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orcagirl said...

LOVE the dolphins, I guess I better get back out there tomorrow! And thanks for catching that kite ;)