Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure Sept 4 3:30pm

The shortening days are beginning to arrive as we head into the late summer/Autumn season. However, there are still plenty of whales around most days and ample good light in the late afternoon for the Prince of Whales, zodiacs and Ocean Magic vessel to head out to seek the abundant wildlife to be found in these rich waters. Saturday Sept. 4th, the 3.30pm Ocean Magic headed east and then north up Haro Strait to seek out the Southern Resident Orca, mostly J Pod that were found near Turn Point. We encountered several members foraging for their favourite food, Chinook Salmon. We saw several large males, including J 26 , J 27, J 30 and L 84, who seems to enjoy travelling with J Pod more than L Pod. Females and their little calves were also seen much to the delight of our guests. Capt. Scott, and crew members, Mika, Rhonda, Brendan shared a wealth of marine knowledge with those on board. With bright sunshine and a light breeze we all got to enjoy the west coast scenery as we returned to the harbour.
Marie ,' Orca-Magic ' and Clint, ' Orcawizard '.

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