Thursday, September 09, 2010

Ocean Magic Wildlife Adventure Sept 5 3:30pm

Our Capt. Scott headed the 3.30pm, Ocean Magic this Sunday afternoon, east and north up Haro Strait to encounter members of the Southern resident Orca, that were heading south from Turn Point at Stuart Island. It had clouded over somewhat for the afternoon but the Orca were out there, spread far apart across the Strait as they foraged. J1 'Ruffles' 59yrs, and J 2, ' Granny ' 99 yrs, appeared to be the leaders of this group travelling south. We identified a female, J 8 , 'Spieden ' 77ys old from J Pod. Several mothers and their young calves were also seen. It was a slow leisurely pace, not only for the whales but also the Marine traffic. The whale research boat, with its yellow flag was out there too, checking on identities of the foraging whales. Our crew members, Casey, Rhonda and Dan, shared their experiences with the guests. It was a lovely encounter with these mysterious and charismatic whales once again.
Marie, Orca-Magic.

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